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"" is the Official website of Dr Anulok Jain, he has been practicing homeopathy in Jaipur, Rajasthan since 2013.

This website aims to be an online directory of alternative medicine and is devoted to Free online Consultation and online information

on homeopathy including, homeo medicines, Homeo treatments etc. The visitors can check the website and make queries and gather further information.

Homoeopathy (homeopathy) is an alternative method of treatment, first expounded by Samual Hahnemann in1796, based on the nature's

Law of Cure, namely 'Like Cures Like’ . 


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Homeoremedia is an online health & Homeopathic portal for people like you who want to seek expert homeopathic consultations from the comforts of their home. Dr Anulok, An honest,humble and hardworking  homeopathic consultant from India Dr Anulok offers his patients the most comfortable, modern, and effective treatment available. The benefit is in the fact that people across the globe can seek his guidance here for treating their intractable health problems and live a healthy life they always wished for


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