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Care Concept

Care Concept

We completely focus on patient’s healing with optimum use of resources and novel therapeutic ideas. The ultimate goal is to systematically establish total health with minimum trouble to the already diseased patients. All the aspects of disease are well taken care. Chronic as well as acute cases are completely cured with minimum relapse and recurrence. The relief from internal and external manifestations of disease starts in the minimum possible span of time. This CARE is not offered only to specific disease conditions but also it has great effect on enhancing the vitality and overall well-being of children, ageing people, adults and females. The subtle differences in various individual’s   physiological functions (genetic and metabolic patterns) can be translated to customized medicine for daily use to improvise their quality of life.



The CARE concept is   `Complete-Accelerated-Remedial-Effect            




Homeopathic principal based treatment.

Total history with full interpretation of the miasm, with timely changes in miasm.  classical way.(e.g. Liver cirrhosis:History- Mother ,father,family history, Nature, Behavior.,Temperament, Miasm,with habit,and prescription of medicine +wait and watch,or  single medicine as the concept of person is single soul is single then medicine should be single and selection of anti miasmatic)

My way.

Understanding of the present condition is necessary. No interpretation of miasm needed. No family or parental history required. Diagnosis neededabout the condition of disease. Administration of  blend of  supporting medicine and  medicine which can act as tonic for that particular condtion


I think my care concept is a process which can lead to cure.. it is a path to cure.. If you care with homeopathy ,medicine it can lead to cure but in allopathy system if you care for some thing through medicine it won’t cure disease. Like use of salt amlodipine for blood pressure it take care of  BP for whole life but won’t cure but in homeopathy medicine like glonine. If you take it regularly it can take care of BP as well as can cure it too.

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